Le Premier Disque

Le Premier Disque, also known as Disque simultané, is a completely abstract, totally non-objective work reminiscent of the coloured discs in scientific representations.

This single work consists of seven concentric circles divided into four equal segments, with the coloured circles arranged in the form of a target. This image seems to prefigure the painting of US artist Jasper Johns half a century later.

With its circular form, Premier Disque was the first shaped-canvas in the history of art. In this painting, Robert Delaunay focused on the purity of the flat surface; this work is part of his exploration of pictorial harmony that lay at the heart of his research on perpetual motion. To describe this, the artist used the sporting metaphor of a « punch » to express the dynamic impact of this visual solution. The plastic motif of the target attracts the eye with an unequalled power that draws it towards the focal point of the canvas around which everything revolves.