Rythme 3

Rythme 3 is inspired by aeroplanes and the movement of their propellers to describe these great circles, giving an impression of expansive movement. The dynamic possibilities of the coloured discs, which come to life just by looking at them, give rhythm to the composition. This vision is activated by the play of curves and counter-curves, discs in concentric circles of varying thickness in alternation and, above all, by the colours in complementary (red/green, blue/orange) and dissonant (red/blue, pink/red, etc.) pairings.

Robert Delaunay painted Rythme 3 in 1938 to decorate the Salon des Tuileries. It was a group commission (Albert Gleizes, Jacques Villon, André Lhote, Sonia and Robert Delaunay) for monumental paintings. These were then exhibited in 1939 at the first Salon des Réalités Nouvelles (regarded as the first abstract art exhibition), before being gifted to the City of Paris.